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30/03/2020 - Information
We must all preserve our health as well as our jobs as best we can, because we will all need them when this COVID-19 epidemic will be finally over. For this, the internal organization has been redesigned, our employees all wear appropriate personal protective equipment, and our Comprehensive risk assessment inventory as well as our Business Continuity Plan are kept strictly up to date. You can obviously contact your usual contacts, and deliveries are ensured to the extent of the possibilities of our carriers.

06/03/2020 - Events


The Methods team is growing and the office is getting a makeover!

A new Methods technician was hired in February. The organization of the office has also been reviewed, with a 5S site, painting, and investments in new offices. A pleasant and healthy working environment is conducive to the well-being and productivity of its employees:

  • Motivation and performance
  • Company image
  • Safety in the workplace
  • Health

01/11/2019 - Information

Anxious to continually expand our fields of activity and increase our skills, we are today the main manufacturer of parts for the company JUMP, specialized in industrial pumps. The latter design, assemble, and market different technologies of positive displacement pumps, vacuum pumps and barrel pumps for the transfer of all types of fluids in numerous applications.

04/10/2017 - Acquisition




23/06/2017 - Event


SOMEGA DU CENTRE exhibits regularly at the Paris-Le Bourget International Air and Space Show, better known under the name of the Paris Air Show, or under the acronym SIAE, which is one of the most important international presentation events for aeronautical and space equipment.

Years 2014-2015 - Event


As part of the national supply chain performance improvement program "Industrial performance" orchestrated by GIFAS, SOMEGA DU CENTRE participated within the SAGEM - Ile de France cluster. This project made it possible to put in place many tools essential to the achievement of our objectives.

01/03/2011 - Acquisition





20/07/2010 - Integration


Acquisition and integration of the CREG company and its activity:



01/11/2008 - Event


Trainer by training, then Production Manager in an American industrial company, and with his mechanical experience of more than 30 years, Patrick BIDAUT bought the company; this then becomes SOMEGA DU CENTRE.

Years 2004 et 2007 - Informations


For the first time in its history, in those years SOMEGA obtained ISO 9001 and 9002 certifications, as well as EN 9100 certification, respectively.

Year 1971 - History


In 1960, Etablissements Lambert set up in Villemandeur. The Director, knowing Rolland ANDRES, decides to retire and cede his business to him. The SOMEGA company (SOciété MEcanique du GAtinais) was then created in 1971 by the latter with the vocation of precision mechanics. In 1978, the first numerically controlled machine tool entered the company.

In 1985, his son, Francis ANDRES took over the company.